What you should know when employing angular developers

admin August 31, 2019 0 Comments

Angular is a general term employed to denote all the released versions after AngularJS. It is one of the latest front-end development tools for dynamic and interactive web applications. There are key differences between angularJS and Angular. This is majorly the shift from MVC architecture to using a component base style. This is for faster development on angular.

Angular developers are JavaScript developers who possess vast knowledge about the theoretical concept of software engineering.

While hiring angular developers, here are the essential skills they must possess Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS Skills on how to go about Angular Framework Knowledge and experience with REST API Hands-on experience with technologies like Node JS and Webpack.

At Xapton, we have professionals that are knowledgeable about the angular framework and its different application. Our professionals are capable of building responsive and interactive web pages using this software.